Wendy Evans

Belmont, NSW

Wendy was born with Cerebral Palsy.  She sails with the Sailability club based at the Belmont 16 Footers, north of Sydney. In 2004 Wendy competed at Blairgowrie Victoria in the IFDS Single Person Liberty Worlds.  Afterwards Wendy commented:

“I was overwhelmed to be part of the first World Liberty Championships. It was one of the biggest things I have ever experienced. Sailing and racing solo in a boat with electronic controlled sails was so unbelievable. My Liberty was set up with special controls that enabled me to go out sailing in 25 knots and one metre waves on Port Phillip Bay.   The experience was out of this world, with the waves splashing in my face like someone was throwing buckets of water over me. As I was tacking into the wind, the boat heeled onto its side, I never had time to feel scared as I was safely strapped into the boat. It was far better than any amusement park ride I had ever been on. The best part was that I was in control on my own……..Chris and Jackie, you changed my life seven years ago and you keep making it better and happier for me, as well as people with or without disabilities all over the world.”